20. The Storm

Aug 08, 2015

20. The Storm


Personal storms: Like the storms of nature, a personal storm can come on suddenly with much ruin to self. Have you experienced such an event; how did you survive?

Upgrade: Somehow we get to improve the quality of our lives by buying a product or service. It works…at least until the next offer to…upgrade?

Luggage: Expensive luggage is seen by drivers, bellmen and customs officers.  It also endures much rough handing. Does it really have to be so upmarket? Who are we trying to impress?

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  1. Lynn Severance Says: March 3, 2016 10:51 pm

    Personal storms: I read this section of the book on a ferry boat heading to one of the San Juan Islands (Washington state). Fortunately, it was a sunny day but reading the salmon’s perspective and then of the storm in Graham’s (and Treena’s) life seemed to be an ironic backdrop for the timing of my reading.

    I have weathered many personal storms (some already shared in other comments). I have not been through the marital storm expressed in the book, but it did conjure back to my memory how a man, who represented himself “well” ended up being someone I should have stayed away from. At first I heaped a lot of guilt on myself for being so deceived. I survived by getting alone with God in the quiet of a church and wept it all out until I was clear as to why it had happened; how I had allowed myself (unknowingly) to get caught up in the deceit as it had come at a vulnerable time in my life emotionally. Hindsight helped me to see the trail leading up to it.

    Upgrade: I have slightly bought into some of the “ads” that I see on television hyping a product. It is not a huge area for me. I was more prone in days of “old” to be mesmerized by those folks at the county fairs with all their gadgets. I never bought any but I could really feel the tug to “want to”.
    Luggage: Never upgrading luggage or anything else of great expense, I have been spared the “look at me and be impressed” life. That is not to say other areas get my attention in wanting to be “seen” as someone of worth and value. My hopes are that such internal value and worth do not have to be “put on”, but will shine forth intrinsically. It takes a mighty fine balance to be sure of actions and motives.

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