38. The Ultimate Shrink

Aug 08, 2015

38. The Ultimate Shrink


No demands: No deadline? No reason at all to decide quickly? It was to be my decision alone. Do you think that you ever made “demands” that others believe as you do?

Talking to the trees! This really does sound odd enough to seek professional help…and yet; if all things are “created” could it be that everything is somehow “connected” to its source?

A slave to stuff: Stuff is often a reward for hard work. It can be stuff to wear, drive or live in. It tells the world about us, “We made it”!  Or does it?

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  1. Lynn Severance Says: March 21, 2016 12:03 am

    No demands: To my knowledge I have not made demands that others believe as I do. I appreciate interacting with those who believe differently (in this context non-Christians or Christians who find the charismatic giftings uncomfortable). I have friends who do not believe in God, let alone Christ. As much as I pray that they will come to know Christ that has not happened. That we remain friends means that they accept me as I am, too.

    Talking to the trees: I loved this part of your journey, Graham – your journey toward belief. That you “talked to a tree” and it was upon a tree the One beckoning you had suffered and died so You could seek him – well, I am glad that “questing” was part of your experience. Trees and all God’s creation are the environment He made as a backdrop to not only meet our needs, but to reflect his glory – which they do by just existing. We (mankind) are the ones who are called on to make a choice. I am so glad you made the choice after your encounter with the tree and that truth (and your seeking) came together in God’s sweet personal way for you.

    A slave to stuff: I think this questions is asking if I am known by the stuff I have or if the “stuff I have” is how I want others to know me as I am not secure to share the real “me” with them. As in other responses, I have just enough to live comfortably (and a bit more) so those who know me pretty much know what I have for it stays much the same (except for new books or music I buy). I don’t see myself as a slave to stuff. But it is a great question to think through just to be “sure”!

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