31. The Way Of Escape

Aug 08, 2015

31. The Way Of Escape


Fork in the road? Sometimes what seems to be a major dislocation, that changes everything, can become a blessing. Has such an event happened to you?

Obligation: I was under contract and felt obligated to complete the deal. Regardless of my limitations I tried hard but failed. To what extent were (or are) you obligated to a deal?

Aftermarket: Following an “accident” that changed your work pattern, was there an “after-market” use for your gifts and abilities that looked promising?

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  1. Lynn Severance Says: March 16, 2016 4:07 pm

    Fork in the road: The first event from my life I can “see” clearly in response to a change becoming a blessing happened my junior year in high school. My family (now known as the nomadic Marine Corps troop of 5) lived in southern California. My father had been told it was to be a 3 year tour of duty. Really? Oh, at such an age to make friends and stay put seemed heavenly. My twin brother and I were sophomores entering that California school and looked towards graduating in that locale.

    Spring of our junior year our father got surprise orders and had to leave for Colorado Springs, Colorado immediately. My mother somehow talked him out of ripping us out of school to delay our moving until summer. At that age, I was devastated to have to move. But getting to Colorado Springs, entering a small high school with only 80 members in our senior class, being warmly welcomed and embraced was one of the most wonderful school years of all from K-12 . I am still in touch with many of those class members and see clearly how that move from a place I wanted to hang onto, became a move to an oasis of new joys.

    Obligation: I feel obligated to anything I commit to, esp. if a contract is involved. I spent every last fiber to a project mentioned many posts ago (when I was the only writer and producer of a television series and had gone into the project not aware of that). In hindsight, I realize I could have asked for “help” to ease the load but that was not where I “resided” then. I do, however, feel very strongly about commitments but there are particular ones that can be negotiated for “sanity’s sake”if all parties can agree.

    Aftermarket: Oh, my – this posting is already so long. And this question is so key to how life (any of our lives) can turn on a dime to change us (and our life) forever. In 1983, I was “hit” out of nowhere with what came to be known as vestibular dysfunction. It manifested in internal spinning vertigo and when not spinning, ( and fortunately those sessions can have long stretches of “calm”) what remains is constant dizziness and related side effects of disequilibrium. (I could totally empathize with Graham’s first day/night’s voyage on his yacht as to a slighter degree, that is my normal physical state). God sustains and I KNOW where my strength comes from.

    After 9 years of teaching in this state, purely full of joy in loving my work but internally fighting for every move, an early retirement came my way. God has taken the skills I used in teaching and – in time -segued them into a ministry to others who are challenged by chronic illness or chronic conditions. This is the very short version of a (presently) 33 year journey!!

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