62. Topless In Tennessee

Aug 08, 2015

62. Topless In Tennessee


Choice…big or small? Numerical or financial success is always measured. Ways that suggest the greatest return beckon; yet the less attractive path can lead to greater understanding. Have you chosen a less promising option…and succeeded?

Housing by the inch: We planned our final home by the useful square inch. No wasted space but enough room to breathe! Have you opted for a smaller space in which to live…and love it?

Appearance (from the street): Once again I had a choice. One in which we were ready to move into a manufactured home. Are we able to set aside what our house looks like after years of being house-proud?


  1. Lynn Severance Says: April 29, 2016 10:19 pm

    Choice…big or small? I’ve never been in a high paying job but I have been blessed with what I need financially. I don’t believe I chose a “less promising option” when I had my teaching career. It was such a joy – a great fit for what God wanted me to do! Now in my “retirement” years, other options have come my way, but not with financial measurements, simply new ways to serve.

    Housing by the inch: Since 1974 I have lived in a one bedroom apartment that is 760 sq. ft. It is about 1 and two-thirds larger than Graham’s garden! My home is the right size for me and I absolutely love it!

    Appearance (from the street): Some can step away from being “house-proud” if they have become content in their own identity – who they are on the inside, not what their house looks like on the outside.

  2. Jean Says: August 1, 2016 12:45 am

    21 years ago before moving to the country we were in a lovely moderate suburban home. Annual tax increases eventually forced us out. It had been our 3rd home in our escalation to bigger and better. This goes back to your point on the blog spot that from trial comes blessing. We then realized it was time to downsize and be lean – actually break free from suburbia and go rural where we had more freedom of expense and less trappings sucking the life out of us. It’s been labor intensive but so worth the reward. We too found our solace in a manufactured home. We had the blessing of placing it on our own property allowing us the freedom to design our own space. Too many seemed to be a lowering of standards but to us it has been a jewel – our diamond in the rough.

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