43. Treena’s Story

Aug 08, 2015

43. Treena’s Story


Humble Acts: It’s a very simple act to wash ones feet before going barefoot into a Holy Place. Even more so to have someone do it for you. Do you recall a moment that humbled you?

Spiritual Playtime: Is there a season when we get to “play” with God? Not as young children, but as mature adults who are released to be child-like…not child-ish?

Sequence not System: We didn’t conform to the “normal” system of salvation. In our case one thing followed another and needed our agreement at each stage…it was a sequence!  In fact, is this not always the case, in every unique story?


  1. Greg Says: October 31, 2015 3:44 am

    All I can say about this last chapter is that it is very compelling. if I were reading this account about a person (s) I didn’t know it would have a different impact on me. But I do know these people. For me, its very hard to believe. But I think there is very little doubt that it did happen.
    Salvation is a very very large and confusing concept. What does one need salvation from? Are we inherently in trouble from birth? Won’t we be OK if we walk the straight and narrow and “Do unto others”? Do you become “Saved” only when there is adversity in your life? Lots of questions here !

  2. Lynn Severance Says: March 30, 2016 12:26 am

    Humble Acts: I have had the experience, in a church and also a spiritual retreat setting of having my feet washed and being the one washing another’s feet. It is a sacred experience while being a profound experience of honoring another. I am humbled each time God breaks through my anxieties washing them anew (again) assuring me that I am loved unconditionally by him.

    Spiritual Playtime: I can come to God as a child in need of comfort and counsel, not childish, but not feeling mature either. I have never thought of spiritual play, although I am comfortable in His Presence. At times I sense his smiling at me when I am fussing over something – letting me fret before His peace (that smile) calms me down. I get much too introspective and could well lighten up! 🙂

    Sequence not System: I agree. Life with Christ leading is one step at a time for He knows the route and it is never a straight route I can figure out but I trust that He does! He is the Author of all stories and seems to love adventure stories.

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