57. Up, Up and away

Aug 08, 2015

57. Up, Up and away


Faith alone: By some it is considered the “gold standard” of sincere belief…to “let go and let God”. In our case it had been more a matter of presumption than faith. Have you presumed and suffered an adverse consequence?

Halving the risk: It is a place to start; simply list the possibly risky foods and half the serving size. Fill the plate with the beneficial foods you love. It works! Have you ever tried this kind of overall portion exchange –did it work?

Willingness: It really does take “two to tango”. I needed Treena to fully understand and be willing to make the creative changes she did…wholeheartedly. Have you “agreed together” with someone else to make major changes?

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  1. Lynn Severance Says: April 19, 2016 6:15 pm

    Faith alone: When I hear or read, “let go and let God”, my interpretation is I need to “let go” of my own expectations so that God does not have me “in his way”. I am not to “let go of God”. I need Him as an “ally” who has my best interests in his heart of care, protecting if I should race ahead with my plans. I cannot fully critique if times of faith (e.g. the hoped for healing the neurologist offered) was presumption. That event had rippling effects of other plans set in place at the time needing to be surrendered. It is hindsight and what God brings out of adverse times that really are how I can evaluate – or accept consequences.

    Having the risk: I have! It has! I can wander off and need to return to the remembrance of how it worked. I start again. 🙂

    Willingness: I’ve not had another with whom to be wholeheartedly supportive of changes I attempt to make in this critical area of food choices. There is God – surely a great Companion. I do pretty well most of the time. But someone to talk to, share with, (even cook meals?) – how unique and wonderful that would be. So the one“wholeheartedly willing” and responsible is me. I put servings on my plate. My best “help” is to have only the right foods close at hand and keep the others out of my home.

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