61. Walking In The Light

Aug 08, 2015

61. Walking In The Light


Childhood pain: Certainly tough things happened to children and the pain inflicted can last a lifetime. We, in our youth, can also add to the damage done. Could some of your memories be…mistaken (not all…just one or two?)

Damage control: It had been years since I had lied and nobody would ever find out the truth. I knew, however, and I needed to set the record straight. Is there someone, somewhere, that you need to see and with whom you could be reconciled by the truth?

Recording faith: The dear church folks made a record of what they thought might have been a direct “word” from God. Have you experienced a “thought” so powerful that it felt like it could be from God? What was that?


  1. Lynn Severance Says: April 28, 2016 12:05 am

    Childhood pain: It is possible some childhood memories can be mistaken if we can see them “clearly” for what they were when we are more mature. Our childhood memories are based on how we feel as well as what we do or what may have been done to us. I see my family dynamics more clearly from years outside of them and have clearer understanding. It does not change the memory, per se, just that I have a clearer understandings surrounding it.

    Damage control: I am so scrupulous, that even the hint of a potential lie brings me to my knees! To the best of my knowledge (or my knees would be shaking), I have not lied or need to make amends with anyone.

    Recording faith: I have experienced thoughts that had to be from God they were so sacred. It can happen when I am writing in my journal and processing through something with Him. It can happen when I am writing “formally”. More deeply have been times when his voice was more than thoughts but audible assurance I needed and He expressed that assurance deep in my spirit.

  2. Jean Says: August 1, 2016 1:01 am

    Memories – I can look back now and see many impressions I had in my youth with new understanding and wisdom – too bad I couldn’t back then
    Lies – there were times of such – as a means of self-defense/protection. Needless to say such habits formed cannot escape the eye and ear of God of which he hates. With true confession God cleanses, redeems, and restores.
    Recording – Yes – initially in the early years of my salvation. The voice of God to my inner spirit was overwhelming to which I began to record it as poetry and have shared with other believers who also hear from God.

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