24. We Depart…Again

Aug 08, 2015

24. We Depart…Again


Why Forgive? The rupture in our relationship was so severe that it seemed beyond healing… Why should one imagine that forgiveness is possible?

Retreat: A place apart can provide at least some relief from daily confrontation and reminders. Has this worked perhaps…for you…separation?

Trappings: This time I had the money to “buy” an environment that might take the sting out of the pain. Do “trappings” solve fractured trust?

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  1. Lynn Severance Says: March 12, 2016 10:10 pm

    Why forgive? One will question the reality of forgiveness if they have never been on both sides of its need and had the experience of healing.

    When I have been hurt by another and they refuse to forgive, I am left holding the hurt. I then find myself in deep places with Christ, talking it through with him until such time He gifts me with his peace.

    When I have hurt another – something I never would want to do intentionally – I am never at peace until there is a resolve. I first of all go directly to the Lord to ask his forgiveness. He always forgives a true repentant heart. I have known forgiveness given to me by the one I hurt and healing is immediate. I have known no forgiveness given and then I am left to trust that God’s forgiveness is sufficient.

    I can’t imagine what those without a faith do to handle their severing experiences but I can imagine them wanting reconciliation.

    Retreat: In the context of a marital strife, I have no experience. With friends I know who are married and gone through such times – some have gained perspective from being separated and then worked toward reconciliation. I know others where it has done just the opposite and they divorced.

    Trappings: I don’t think any “thing” can be what resolves a fractured trust for what has been fractured is a heart. “Things” (whatever form they take) mask what needs to be addressed most deeply and that is two hearts ready to meet together and, in faith, work toward trusting again.

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