41. Words From Within

Aug 08, 2015

41. Words From Within


Eagerness: I had become “eager”, not unlike a retriever when it waits for a ball to be thrown. How would you describe “eagerness” in this context?

The Bookstore: Treena found our first church by asking at a bookstore. Where else might one get “impartial” directions?

Gifts: We had to wait to see what we might be given and not desire a gift that looked/sounded “good”. Can spiritual “gifts” become distractions?


  1. Greg Says: October 10, 2015 7:02 am

    This eagerness, in my opinion, is the awaiting of a gift, something you can enjoy, something that will enhance your life. This expectation could be part of the religious experience. When one gets guidance, especially when they are “reborn” or begin to learn about new faith, they will undoubtable receive encouragement and a lot of expectations will be, lets say, revealed to them in these endeavors to learn about the Bible and or Jesus. I know what Graham meant when he mentioned gaining spiritual gifts, I believe. Aren’t these merely a result of a deeper and deeper commitment to the teachings of the Bible?

    What if the general expectations in a society weren’t related or connected to the Bible as they tend to be here in the U.S.. In other words, what if religion was banned altogether. What if you grew up and never even heard of the Bible and its contents. Would this be an unnatural thing?
    What if the political system was the ideology that was to be adhered to and followed and learned about. Would we then have people that were “reborn” into this ideology, so to speak, and receive gifts such as the spiritual, or loyalty rewards for reinforcement of their “Belief”. These people may want to share their exuberance with other and to spread the word of the political system and its foundations, with great zeal.
    Is this any different than the “Spiritual gifts” that Graham mentioned?

  2. Graham Says: October 10, 2015 10:17 am

    As always Greg, you are a wonder, a master of the hypothetical, as I am told that I am of the metaphor!
    I think that there would always have to be a prerequisite. By this I mean a reason to be drawn to the ‘loyalty’ factor that you suggest. In my case it was the extraordinary gift of a return to my first love Treena, when everything we had tried had failed and then in one night our entire world changed..without any ‘biblical’ understanding on our behalf.
    It was that that got our attention and began a 41 year journey during which the ‘road map’ of scriptures have been extremely, but not exclusively, helpful.

  3. Hope Says: October 10, 2015 6:22 pm

    Great questions! I think we must separate Spiritual gifts – as defined in the Bible – from the fact that we are all designed by God as “Spiritual beings.” So, although we may attain Spiritual understanding (for instance, the understanding of the Earth as having a Creator) that would be different than the spiritual gifts as described in the Bible. It concerns me when people say, “I have the gift of healing” or “I have the gift of prophesy”. What if Spiritual gifts are given for a specific time or season? So, God may grant me specific insight on something (as in Graham’s story), but should I, then, take that as an indication of an ongoing spiritual gift? What if, God bestows spiritual gifts in accordance with specific situations? When I gave birth to my first son, I was told that he would never be able to nurse. I looked the “specialist” in the eye, and said, “Oh no! This baby WILL nurse!” I KNEW it! I felt it deep in my heart and knew that God had placed a supernatural gift of FAITH for this specific situation. That “specialist” could have talked to me all day long and I still KNEW that my baby would nurse. But, rather than pray that God will continue to grant me the gift of faith, I pray that He will use me as He sees fit. That allows God and the Holy Spirit freedom to move individually in specific circumstances and does not allow us to give into a sense of entitlement or pride or an expectation that if God chooses to NOT move in a word of wisdom, prophesy, or tongues that we have “missed” God or that He was not present in our worship service.

  4. Hope Says: October 10, 2015 6:30 pm

    Graham, I loved the bookstore story. Our assistant Pastor was radically saved from a life of a drug dealer and running illegal gambling parlors. NO kidding! When he got saved (in a room by himself he cried out to God) he had NO knowledge of scripture. He prayed and asked God where to find a church. Like you and Treena, he knew he had to find a place that would teach him about his new faith. He felt the Holy Spirit tell him to open the yellow pages of phone book to the “churches” section. He did, closed his eyes, and pointed to a church. His finger was on Christian Assembly Church. He went and 30 years later was ordained at that church!

  5. Hope Says: October 10, 2015 6:35 pm

    Eagerness: I have four sons. When each of them was about 3 years old, they would practically jump up and down when they were waiting for a special event or treat. Even if they were perfectly still on the outside, you could sense them “jumping up and down” on the inside. I would smile and say, “Life is just running around inside of you isn’t it?” That’s eagerness. There are times I wake up and say, “I just can’t wait to see what God is going to do today!” I feel like that 3 year old boy.

  6. Lynn Severance Says: March 25, 2016 8:39 pm

    Eagerness: Expectant, observant, trusting the one who is throwing the ball to reach his/her goal and what is received will be a great catch!

    The Bookstore: “Impartial” would mean the one giving directives had no investment in their outcome but knew, in general, information that could be helpful. Perhaps such “impartiality” is around us all the time if we engage with others in conversation. A sense of discernment may flow to us without us even asking. Almost any place could be a place of engagement if one is open and listening.

    Gifts: I have been in settings where the spiritual gifts were seemingly exalted above the Giver of the gifts. I say that because those praying for others to receive a gift (or gifts) expressed concern if said gift/s were not exhibited immediately. I have always felt, based on my own experience, that God, the Giver of spiritual gifts sets the timing of his delivery.

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