23. You Always Hurt The One You Love?

Aug 08, 2015

23. You Always Hurt The One You Love?


In the midst of happiness…sudden disaster:  The Titanic was like that. In one awful moment everything changed. Is this what it means to be the author of pain amid pleasure?

Caught in the act…without excuse: I shall not ask if this has happened to you. All I knew was that I had become a slave to myself. I had been “mastered”.

The pain of the emotion: “Every joint became a complaint”. How deeply felt is the pain caused by selfishness?

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  1. Lynn Severance Says: March 11, 2016 2:39 am

    In the midst of happiness. . .sudden disaster: I understand the context of Graham’s question as it is embedded in this part of he and Treena’s story. Pain occurred but I could not say that it was purposely authored. It was the result of choices that then became a painful segment until resolved and by God’s sustaining grace. He ultimately is the Author of our recorded days but we make our choices – choices He is aware of from his Alpha and Omega view. He cannot save us from the consequences of our actions that bring pain, but He can bring us through them.

    Caught in the act. . .without excuse: When any of us come to the place of recognizing we have become a slave to ourselves, the choices we make at that juncture will make all the difference in how our lives will play out. Recognition which brings remorse and a longing to be tethered no more is the first step that can lead to freedom.

    The pain of the emotion: If a seed falls in the ground (self) and dies; yet is nourished by the tears releasing it, there is hope of emerging anew when one is ready for Spring.

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