Treena: Her Life of Love and Being Loved


May 18 1934 – September 17 2015

Her life of love and being loved.

Twenty-eight years ago an ER Doctor suggested, kindly, “You may want to make your peace with your wife, by all signs she may not make it”.

We decided, on that day, to pursue that “peace” on a one day at a time basis.

At 2015 hrs. (PST) on 17 September 2015 that joint pursuit has now ended and we shared well over TEN THOUSAND wonderfully loving and fulfilling days.

I did what I could to nourish and delight her and do less harm. She took her meds and kept moving saying. “This is my way of loving you back for your care”.

With God’s help we turned self-discipline into a delight and I am so grateful that she was able to give to others with such loving encouragement, even during her last day.

And now, always with God’s constant help, my prayer is that all the passion I put into our shared purpose, may continue to be of some help to those whose heart’s desire is to embrace the gift of a loving, caring life.

In doing so I hope to learn how better to go beyond my immediate self interest, upstreaming in the river of life, believing that I shall see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living…and then, with my love at my side to enjoy His presence for ever.

I have this hope in Our Lord Jesus Christ, which is shared throughout our entire family, for which we are all greatly blessed.

Several people have asked if Treena had a favourite charity, so they could make a donation on her behalf, in lieu of flowers. What a wonderful thought! Treena had a heart for many charities but her very favourite was Emmaus Encounter. If you would like to send a gift, we ask that it would be a donation to this wonderful organization.

We think she would have been thrilled with this idea. God Bless you all and thank you for asking.

Emmaus Encounter
PO box 459
Lakeside, MT. 59922

406 261 8201

Treena’s husband…

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