On September 16, 2015 Treena announced with great joy-filled anticipation that she was “going to have tea and eggs with Jesus”.  Our family all laughed along with her.
At 2015 hours PDT on September 17, 2015 she kept that date. We were just 5 days short of our 60th wedding anniversary and 71 years since we had met and fallen in love.
I shall never stop learning about how to love life from my darling and so it is that, each week, I will record another of her poems. I shall listen carefully as I do and invite you to join us as we journey to the full reality of all that love means.
Upstreaming…so that I may learn how to live beyond my immediate self-interest.
September 2015.
Weekly Reading


Her first book of poetry was published by Quarry Press in Toronto, Canada and reprinted twice in 2000 and 2004.
Treena is a ‘non-conformist’ writing without any established poetic template.  “My inner desire is to release pent up words onto paper, that is my only purpose.” She explained recently. “I have been told that when I connect, I do so with depth and clear understanding, this usually happens with those who share my newly acquired source of inner hearing.”

“I am aware that I was the recipient of a scientifically as well as spiritually accepted miracle healing and whilst that does not make me someone special, it has certainly given me a voice filled with love and gratitude.”

Treena’s poems change weekly and come complete with her up to date understanding.

They can be read and also heard, read by her husband Graham who has always loved reading her work out loud…as he puts it, “Our early years at school included reading the poet Shelley over the hotel phone until it became a problem for customers who couldn’t get through. Such is first love”.

Now, he adds, “There is nothing to get in our way.”

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