Treena Kerr

“I am aware that I was the recipient of a scientifically as well as spiritually accepted miracle healing and whilst that does not make me someone special, it has certainly given me a voice filled with love and gratitude.”

Treena was born in Dover, Kent, England.  Her father was the fine artist Jonathon Van Doorne, her mother Eileen was directly related to the Queen of the Romani gypsies.Treena is the oldest of three children; she has two younger brothers, Michael and Richard. At age 10 she met her future husband, Graham Kerr whilst they were students at Michael Hall, a Rudolf Steiner School in a Forest Row, Sussex, England.

They have now known and loved one another since 1944.



treena3Treena2They were parted for ten years during which time Treena became a cast member of the Denville Players, a professional theatre in Jersey, Channel Islands.  She became the very first Miss Jersey Battle of the Flowers in 1953.From her earliest days she has written poetry and in so doing she has a fine record of her emotional journey until today.


Between 1961 and 1969 she performed on stage, screen and radio and in 1970 and 1971 she was nominated as Daytime Producer of the Year in the U.S. television Emmys.


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