Can you hear the spring?

Mar 05, 2016

Can you hear the spring?



[sc_embed_player fileurl=”″]  Can you hear the spring?

Can you hear the spring?

Hear the sighing of the trees
with their unborn buds of May,
longing for their cloak of leaves
to herald in the spring’s birthday?
Hear those whispers through the park?
Feel His presence most profound?
Sense the hope in every heart?
Perceive the stirrings from the ground?
Nature’s eagerness, her zeal –
as she stretches out her hand
to direct the springs caress
upon her forest and her land.
She breathes, but bides her time –
a pregnant pause – expectancy.
This hush before contractions push,
readies and helps each shoot to bud,
each precious bulb to bloom,
and every tree, both large and small,
to show their various shades of green.
Nature’s birth is God’s delight.
So let’s take time with Him;
To hear the rustling in the trees,
watch in awe the blossom’s bloom.
Come, join us now, it’s gone so soon!.


  1. Leona Nelson Says: 10:50 am

    Last week I was too emotional to respond to the poem above, so beautifully penned by dearest Treena. I could (can) almost audibly hear her voice with each phrase. It made me remember, too, my sister Ruthie’s similar thoughts in a song she wrote whose first verse starts with “Can you hear the whisper in the pine trees?” She wrote it – “The Touch of the Master’s Hand” – while we were camping out amongst the pines near Prescott, Arizona. When she wrote the melody, she taught the song to me and we sang it together quite often. You did the same (maybe not under the pines) with your little songs you sang with Treena ; songs like “Thank You” that you both spontaneously sang for us with such joy. Now we are privileged to read Treena’s beautiful poems that cause us to remember her, and to thank her best friend Jesus for every flower, blade of grass, and, yes, all of creation. Thank you God for all these gifts, and thank you for gifting Treena so that we can be reminded to “watch in awe” and to “feel His presence most profound.”

  2. Graham Says: 4:38 pm

    OK you lovely bunch..Lynn, Sally, Donna and Jean…you finally did it!

    I have been patiently awaiting someone responding to Treena’s poems (and my odd but so appreciative readings). Now here you are and I confess that I sat here and cried with a pure kind of joy.

    She worked so hard…but without a shred of ‘driveness’ to select and polish and place each word. I can hear her voice behind mine as a speak.

    On her very last day I read her poems to her, she had closed her eyes and there was a slight smile, occasionally she nodded and said “I like that one”.
    After ten or so she stopped me. “No..that’s not the way to read it you are too sepulchral, project more…give it life!” Imagine, on her last day, she was still producing to meet her standard…which was always high! I read it again and she nodded and smiled softly. “That’s enough for now darling”
    Five hours later she began her sleep.
    I am left to carry on and read her words for you…without correction.
    I miss her.

    Thank you you for listening to…us…


  3. Jean N. Sozio Says: 9:03 am

    MMMMMMMMMM – beautiful – – I love Spring – my favorite season and Easter/Resurrection Sunday my favorite holiday. Yes – it is the freshness, tenderness, sweetness, fragrance, color of new life – energy awakening. Winter – natures slumber for creation – a blessed rest – yet we humans disdain such a gift that slows us down to heal, nourishes us with miraculous maple syrup, and replenishes us with pure clean water. Those parts of the Earth that do not experience Winter and Spring – are so unfortunate not to know anticipation of hope and joy of resurrection – but insurrection. Winter causes us to cuddle – Springs causes us to dance. How can you not love both?

  4. Donna Timm Says: 7:10 pm

    What a wonderful poem! On Monday, we did just that as my husband Ike and I drove up from Warm Beach Senior Community where we live to the Skagit Valley and took in the glorious daffodils in full bloom. I am always overwhelmed by the beauty of the valley and the yellow was dazzling against the gray and white clouds on the horizon. The poem really captured the beauty and glory of Spring. Our friends Wes and Leona Nelson said they so enjoy the Bible Study they have with you in your home.

  5. Sally Andrews Says: 2:29 pm

    What a beautiful and inspirational poem. Yesterday as I wandered in Big Sur, God drew me to pause at each dewy flower, bud and spider web. At the end of the walk I was so much more at peace than if I’d just gone on my run. There’s something about flowers that makes me think they are God’s gift to us to bring joy and peace.

  6. Lynn Severance Says: 8:49 am

    I am sitting in a quiet place this morning – a small room in an Inn on Orcas Island (Washington state) having watched the sun rise, my being warmed this blustery day by a fireplace. I’ll soon head for a time of worship with friends in the small community church. Peace. Yesterday, just as blustery, I braved the elements all bundled up and took a walk for it was sunny. This poem is timely for as as I was walking, there in my path some brave blooms had pushed through their winter’s home to greet me. Daffodils. Hyacinth – ah, their fragrance. What life it brought. I asked the groundskeeper if I could pick a few for my room and his enthusiastic “yes” had be bring a bit of spring’s arrival inside. Yes. God’s delight and mine.

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