Couple Power

Apr 22, 2016

Couple Power


Couple Power

To stride the narrow path as one – each can lead the way.
Foil the devil’s cunning by not falling by the way.
Couple power is no illusion, its shared autonomy,
a marriage blessed when one plus one, equals duality.

God’s principles are simple. Pray together every day.
Blemish not the wedding ring with desire’s depravity.
Unless two walk together, disaster looms ahead.
Alone, one will be tempted from the marriage path and bed.

A highway, broad, will tempt one, with affluence to gain.
That appealing highway, strewn, with broken vows and pain.
Alone and falling in a ditch of worldly lust and greed
will bring, a compromising heart to glory, in its shame.

Sometimes in shadows, is the truelove one forsook.
That gleaming ring, now tarnished from its once united look.
Don’t opt to walk in solitude and hold the devil’s hand.
Repentance and forgiveness can re-shine your wedding band.


  1. Jean N Sozio Says: 1:24 am

    So magnificently true. I pray these word spread vastly through the masses. Thank you for reading to us – your voice is always so joyful to hear. Re: Father’s love – I had a brief but magnificent relationship with my Dad but my husband not so – his was more like yours. I imagine it was the character of the time – the 40’s. Whether British or American. Emotions were a sign of weakness or anti-machoism – something for the women only. If only they knew to look to Christ and know “we love because HE first loved us”. Jesus – the ultimate of love and macho.

  2. Lynn Severance Says: 9:18 pm

    I have never known the role as one walking a marriage road.
    If I had, I’d want it to have been as Graham and Treena experienced coming though times of shadow that brought them out stronger on the other side.

    It is a beautiful poem that should minister to every couple’s heart and it also blesses me as one who walks alone.

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