Creations Love

Apr 29, 2016

Creations Love


Creations Love

(Not a fetus but Creator’s Life)
Cradled deep within a mother’s womb
Begins a tiny seed a being,
A babe, a wonder, a design,
With potential for the future.
Builder, artist, or an author.
A composer, for the people’s soul.
Thus begins this breath of life,
Preordained from worlds beginning
Long before the intercourse of man.
This Holy Gift, blessed for mankind
Develops slowly. Features form.
Fragile personality is wrought.
Then tender as a butterfly kiss,
A tiny beat, confirms the Life within..

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  1. Jean Says: 9:04 am

    Through the tragedy of infertility my husband and I learned that man can manipulate life but he cannot create life – the sperm or the egg. The egg sits idle with the promise of form within. The sperm instant in action – creation’s perpetual energy. Without either there is nothing.

  2. Lynn Severance Says: 3:02 pm

    What wonder to ponder that each of us was a “stirring in the heart of God” long before He created time and ordained when we’d stir as seed within a womb, one also created precisely for us.

    Treena captures this wonder with such beauty. I so appreciate the gift of her words.

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