Early Prayer

Jul 16, 2016

Early Prayer


Early Prayer

Each dew drenched morning, early
a solitary man arose
to the music of the dawning.
Cool amid hazy were those first lights,
when I’d see his lonely figure,
striding forth, with joyous steps,
toward a misty mountain place
to pray and seek his Father’s Face,
upon that waiting mountainside.

Once there, He’d find a spot to kneel
then pray unto His Abba Father God.

All too soon, like sheep, the mob,
(disciples, too!) would find Him gone,
and so would scurry hurriedly
to find, the paying man, they loved,
and by so doing, they’d disturb
His precious time, alone with God.
I thought I heard Him whisper there
as the crowds were drawing near,
“Not My will but Yours I’ll bear.”

How did He pray?
What were His prayers?
Petition for His Spirit’s rest,
or for His soul to be refreshed;
from early man’s polluted best?
What did His Heavenly Father share?
Divine instructions for the day??
What did He ask?
The answer, friend, I cannot tell –
I’m Mary, and they’re personal!


  1. Jean N Sozio Says: 10:56 pm

    My best days are those spent in prayer first thing in the morning. No matter how many times I have read the same passages in scripture, truly, the Holy Spirit will whisper new revelation, new guidance, new understanding, new application, and fresh peace. It is something to ponder how Jesus, who was God, prayed to God His father??? One of those mysteries too lofty for us to understand. If nothing else, it is an example of personal power and purpose obtained by seeking one higher than us. One we cannot see but know is there. One we cannot hear but know is listening. One who does not speak but to our spirit whispers. We are tethered to a life force that gives us wisdom and direction. We are lost without such contact. As Jesus did – daily look up and live.

  2. Lynn Severance Says: 1:37 pm

    There have been times I longed to know of Jesus’ communions with his Father. How precious they had to be with strength and direction shared.
    That none of us know may help us recognize the preciousness of the deep and private times we spend with our Lord.

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