End Times

Dec 09, 2016

End Times


End Times

Day breaks anxiously, tinged phantom gray,
as smoldering clouds of Armageddon, brew.
Whitecaps no longer chaste with foaming spume,
for ocean’s tumbling waves are horsed with debris
as they pound the shores of our ancestors land
with scum and evidence of human waste;
while oiled sea-creatures, sing a deathwatch hymn.

Birds, caked in slime, no longer gently glide
and skim the glittering sea for teeming fish
that once did sport beneath this spoil of man.
The sun no longer shimmers from blue sky.
Acrid pollution veils this orb of God;
blood red it glows, an eye infected by
The virus from pollution’s malady.

Heat upon the day, scorches precious land,
Cold saturated nights chill the heart of man.
Power games, human wars of greed. A dearth
of God’s love for our neighbor as ourselves.
Beloved world, which had in isolation dreamed;
now aches beneath the wrath of God’s disease,
and science gamely battles ‘gainst mans plight.

‘Tis no matter, man will soon a vapor be,
we are destroyed; whom can we blame?
Global warming, terrorism, still take us by surprise.
Dead fish, warm seas, and we wonder why?
The human race has ravaged life, however
if we try – maybe, there’s time to change;
giving man a glimpse of God again.


  1. Lynn Severance Says: 9:33 am

    I was so grateful to get to the summation lines of Treena’s poignant words in this heart-wrenching look at the ways man has marred God’s creation.
    We see it everywhere – but we also have the personal choice to beautify whatever corner of this gardened earth where He has asked us to be – and contribute.

  2. Jean Says: 6:43 am

    So sad. Again, I m touched by her very poignant view and spirituality.

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