From Hills of Joy

Jul 22, 2016

From Hills of Joy


From Hills of Joy

As early morning dew glistens
And jewels of Heaven shine
May I too shine for You Lord
Bringing Joy unto Your Heart
Laughter to Your Spirit

Take from me all wicked ways
Evil thought and attitudes
Preserve my soul for You
That I may dwell and sing
In Your Presence ever more

Come hearts melody and sing
With gratitude to Him
Who is patient, kind, and true
This Creator of all that was,
That is, and still to come.

Sing my soul and spirit sing
Songs of praise and glory
Unto Him the Father King
Let us tell His awesome story
From the Hills of Joy within


  1. Kerryn Says: 7:55 am

    Beautiful words from Treena’s heart & soul penned to worship our beloved King & spoken so eloquently by Graham. Thank you for blessing us with your gifts to join in precious worship.

  2. Jean N Sozio Says: 10:36 pm

    Amen Lynn. “Praise is comely for the upright”. Clearly Treena was anointed with the gift of praise and worship. Sing not only with your voice but also with your heart – with pen in hand. “All of creation sings to the glory of God”. Think, ponder, reflect, sing! Sing joyfully, sweetly, peacefully, tearfully. Men, women, and children alike. “The Lord delights in the praises of His people”. “Tell of His goodness – tell of His greatness – tell of His great love”.

  3. Lynn Severance Says: 1:12 am

    Treena’s soulful words remind me of two Scriptures:
    “Rejoice in the Lord, always.” (All-ways!)
    “Oh, sing to the Lord a new song.
    Our first fruit songs are to Him and then, renewed, to others.

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