Georgia Straits

Oct 21, 2016

Georgia Straits


Georgia Straits

Moody and deceptive,
Flow the seas of Georgia Straits.
Today, the sea is flat and gray
Reflecting washed out sun.
It’s peaceful, as this moment,
The sea appears quite calm.
Yet, the wily wind can kick-up
Like a stalking predator,
Crouched, carefully waiting,
Like a wild beast for his kill.
The unsuspecting prey of course,
The lone sailor with his skill.

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  1. Lynn Severance Says: 10:22 am

    This poem may have come forth from your and Treena’s days of sailing to or from Vancouver Island and points along the way.

    How like life! We may be enjoying a time of stillness only to have a wind kick up and have us wondering if a correction in course is needed.

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