Glacier Bay

Oct 28, 2016

Glacier Bay


Glacier Bay

Blanket fog muffled sound.
Thick and cold. Suffocating.
Cheating eye and ear
As my love and I sail silently,
Each eye straining to pierce the shroud
Which hung beneath the unseen sky.
Graveyard silence, smothering
In its leaden-gray intensity.

Abruptly Nature’s curtain rose,
Started, stupefied and stunned were we
By the sight which was revealed.
A glorious scene appeared before our eyes.
Awesome was the shock of sudden beauty
From those majestic, snow-capped mountains,
Crowned with halos from a golden sun.

It was as though we came from death to life –
From darkness into radiant Light.
An internal prayer of gratitude
Arose for our wondrous gift of sight.
All that day our soaring spirits sang
With dulcet music flowing through our hearts
To Him;
from whom this special day had come.


  1. Lynn Severance Says: 3:46 pm

    “. . . our wondrous gift of sight.”

    Treena paints a vivid picture of the awe we feel when a gray day in the world or a gray day in our soul suddenly is lifted and streams of God’s beauty break through.

    Pure gratefulness!

  2. Norma Says: 1:47 pm

    What beautiful words that really create a mind-picture! I love the line about “dulcet music flowing through our hearts to Him.” It’s lovely.

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