God Breathed

Oct 23, 2015

God Breathed


God Breathed

the beginning
merely void;
before was naught –
after, was all.
God breathed;
created light
for velvet night
and perfect day.
Cold winds blew,
then ebbed away.
Before was gloom –
after – was gold.
Life began; God breathed
then came man.
from rib, woman.
God foretold
that all who wait,
for those that will,
shall be complete
from then – until.
But they did eat,
Now we wait
‘till all’s complete,
we wait. Until?

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  1. Jean Sozio Says: November 1, 2015 2:56 am

    There is a real poetic flow that comes from communion with God. I too had this experience a year or so after my own conversion. One afternoon for three hours straight prophetic words began forming in a flow I just had to record on my computer. At their conclusion God said, “this is my gift for my people – those seeking who will find – who will receive. 33 poems resulted that condensed the entire message of the Bible – basically God’s love, presence, and power. Treena had that gift and knowledge. Thank you for sharing.

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