Good Friday

Sep 16, 2016

Good Friday


Good Friday

How His Mother, Mary suffered,
His friends, each martyred
Yet, where is compassion now
for Mary’s Precious Son?
His Father suffered deeply too
For He knew what was to come
To this Savior of mankind
Jesus Christ, His only son.
How can we fully understand?
God’s agony and breaking heart
As He turned and left His son
Alone to bear the hammered Pain.
Pain! From thirst and brutal nails
Pain! Where had His Father gone?
Pain! From a Breaking Heart,
Pain! Wondering if we’d believe
His sacrifice had given liberty.
Gave us our Father God once more
So we could bond with Him again
Forgiven and for all Eternity.
Forgive us Lord our lack
Of gratitude. Our selfishness
Our deafened ears, and eyes so blind
To Your Holy Sacrificial Lamb.
Yet His Loving Heart still overflows,
His sacrifice, is limitless.
His Love so pure, unwarranted,
Cascades forth, yet is unrequited still.
Abba Father, forgive us once again,
Help our Soul and Spirit to entwine,
In Holiness and thus prevail to win the race
So we may spend Eternity with Him in You


  1. Donna Louise Kostecke Says: 7:16 am

    ~~~~~Thank you !!!~~~very much.

  2. Jean Says: 4:14 am


  3. Lynn Severance Says: 6:31 pm

    The highest of prices was paid to rescue me back into relationship with my Father. To attempt giving adequate thanks is to choose to love in kind – to catch the cascades of his grace that help me keep on loving.

  4. Sandra Says: 12:09 pm

    To behold is to be held❤️✌️

  5. Ira Says: 7:05 am

    What a powerful and true message, thank you for sharing! It’s so amazing knowing how personal and great God loves us when we have done so much against Him.

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