May 06, 2016




Hands are for working,
for loving, for giving,
for playing, for mending
the sick.
Hands can be shocking,
be gentle, be pretty,
be perfect, be strong,
or be weak.
Hands can be willing
to toil for each other,
to offer, to tender,
and care.
Hands can tell stories
of hardship, of sorrow,
of beauty, of aging,
of prayer.


  1. Jean Says: 8:59 am

    I pray: “God – if I must lose anything let it not be my hands and my eyes. I could not bear to be without either. Your hands are the most valuable part of your body. Imagine not scratching or blowing your nose, not brushing your hair or teeth, not cooking or eating! Hands bring you independence – even in a wheelchair.

  2. Lynn Severance Says: 9:21 pm

    . . .and hands are for typing appreciation for reading (and hearing) another of Treena’s lovely and loving poems!

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