I Know a Place

Jan 16, 2016

I Know a Place



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I know a Place

I know a place of peace
Where Arbutus trees line the shore
Where Kingfishers sing their evening song,
Cormorants and blue herons call.

I know a place of peace
Beneath cormorants Madrona tree
Where sailboats anchor at eventide
And weary souls seem set free.

I know a place of peace
Where the Lord whispers low
Where eyes can see and ears can hear
When those in prayer commune below.

I know a place of peace
Where Spirits are revitalized
From all earths jaded ways
The hassle, stress of lives.

I know a place of peace
Deep within the heart
One simply needs to take the time
To be with Him apart.


  1. Graham Kerr Says: 9:51 am

    I could easily be accused of bias in this review. After all I am Treena Kerr’s husband Graham and I have, over the nearly sixty years of our marriage read all her poems and offered my ‘at first sight’ observations.
    It has been ‘love..at first sight’ for both Treena and her poetry!
    I have watched this woman spend countless hours prayerfully polishing one word after another, never being truly satisfied..she was her own toughest critic. I on the other hand , was almost always amazed by the way her feelings floated to the surface. I still love to read them every week on Treena’s corner and never fail being touched, almost hearing her light , quite British voice blend with mine.
    We both finished our recent books, with her new poems, yet to be published, just nine days before she died following a simple day surgery and a severe sepsis that followed. I miss her deeply and yet there is so much of her that remains…like her words found here. Graham.

  2. Leona Nelson Says: 9:15 am

    This poem from Treena blessed my soul today. She knew that place of peace and encouraged all of us to walk with Jesus who brings peace that passes all understanding.

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