Jesus Was His Name

Aug 05, 2016

Jesus Was His Name


Jesus Was His Name

Jesus was His name
From the Creator, God He came
Came as a babe – a lowly babe
Born of a virgin, it is said.
He was a King – a Royal King
Whose Kingdom was not yet to be
Until His subjects, one and all,
Could truly love their enemy.
Jesus was His name –
Who washed sin, dust and grime,
From off men’s feet, so many times.
He laughed and sang with fishermen.
He was their loyal and faithful friend,
A mentor from despair for them.
He gave Himself to serve and save
The soul of man from out the grave.
He chose to die a convict’s death.
Hung crucified upon a tree
He died with joy within His heart.
He knew His death would set men free.
And those who serve Him willingly
He shall always love and cherish,
For He died for you and me.
Therefore, through sin we will not perish.
Jesus is His name
From the Creator –God He came.


  1. Donna Louise Kostecke Says: 7:06 am

    ~~~Oh I love it !!!~~~Louise from West Bloomfield, Mi. USA.

  2. Lynn Severance Says: 5:04 pm

    “Jesus was his name – from the Creator God he came.”

    All was love: the Creator asking the impossible of his Son, the Son’s willing “yes” and now my choice to be a “servant to all” having seen how perfectly love is expressed to me.

  3. Jean Says: 12:04 am

    Amen. To know Him is to love Him for “He first loved us”.

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