Magical Morning

Nov 11, 2016

Magical Morning


Magical Morning

Magical Morning! His mirrored Creation.
Mists apparition, give a heart liberation.
Eagles, stand sentry, on solemn old timber.
Fish make mouth-whirlpools,
their silver scales shimmer.
No one is near, to bring pain and alarm,
only a bee humming nature’s new psalm.
This magical morning’s effervescent bequest?
Nothing more than a man’s spirit refreshed.

This poem is from Treena’s book, Substance in Shadow.


  1. AnnA Says: 7:25 pm

    Morning awakens. Mattina illumina…buzziness of a Bee …Béatitude

    Treena ‘s poem begets more poems …such is the mother of “magical morning” a very loving mother and wife and friend to you Graham Kerr

  2. AnnA Says: 7:20 pm

    Morning awakens. Mattina illumina…buzziness of a Bee …Béatitude

  3. Lynn Says: 12:51 am

    A magical morning bringing a new psalm to sing!
    Now that is the right perspective to keep as a new day dawns.

  4. Brenda Parks Says: 10:05 am

    Marvelous! Simply….marvelous.

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