May 20, 2016



once there was sweet motherhood

Sacrifice of self; seems no more.
Womanhood now demands its privilege
“It’s my body, I have my human rights.”
Does wee one have no civil liberties?
Must baby sacrifice its life, its future,
Because of sexual appetite?
“I love you mama! I am here,
Mama can’t you feel my fear?”
Hardened hearts no longer feel.
Love’s grown cold,
So sorry precious little one,
You seem to have no rights at all,
So simply sacrifice your life.
You’re just a consequence of sin,
Maybe from rape or passions fling.
Yours is a martyr’s death for another’s sin.
I hear a cry, “Crucify Him.”


  1. Jean N. Sozio Says: 11:49 pm

    Lynn – I think allot of this isn’t so much “sin” as unacceptance. If families were more willing to forgive one’s actions and accept the responsibility to support a new life, the abortion rate would vastly drop. Granted, legality was instituted so women would not resort to hackers and get proper medical attention but – if women chose other options – without shame – laws and clinics for such would become obsolete. Shame is the real enemy here – how cunning is that beast satan. “There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus”. And – men – it all starts with them. The woman is always the first victim – just like Eve.

  2. Lynn Severance Says: 1:59 pm

    Deborah and Leona – my feelings echo yours. Treena’s thoughts capture the wounds borne by those who had no voice but had they been able to speak would mirror Jesus’ sharing, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”

    Jean, perhaps the monument most effective is, given the opportunity, our loving women who made such choices, and hearing from their hearts of their “whys”. In turn we could share of God’s gift of life in the conception of each child, but also his compassionate forgiveness for all who sin, whatever form that sin takes. Hopefully, a heart heard may become a heart that will turn in a new direction.

  3. Jean Says: 1:22 am

    Wow – how succinct re: abortion. This should be published nationally – there should be a monument somewhere to the unborn like we have monuments and memorials to veterans. Bless you spirit of Treena Kerr.

  4. Leona Nelson Says: 10:51 am

    Catching my breath from Treena’s last line in her poem “Motherhood.”

  5. Deborah Powell Says: 8:00 am

    Poignant message. Profound last sentence. Thank you for sharing!

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