Once Upon A Tree


  1. Lynn Severance Says: 4:49 pm

    That sacrifice has given me life “here” enlivened by Jesus’ Holy Spirit who will lead my way on into eternity. Grateful.

  2. Kaye Murray-Sutton Says: 7:05 pm

    Thinking of you, dear Graham.

    A Year; so long, so short. I pray it has been a journey in which you have found the greatest of graces, joy found in sorrow.
    It is good you have used your time to continue to honour your dearest Bride and bring your warm voice to her written works!
    Thank you for blessing us in so many ways over the years. I think of Philemon 1:1-7 as I recall the many ways you have brought ‘the reason for your hope’ to so many!

    All the best regards to you and those you love,
    Kaye Murray-Sutton

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