Oct 07, 2016




With breathless joy, a babe, a boy,
a son, to early manhood grew,
to rule, and reign for all eternity.
No earthly king but a carpenter –
(which still confounds humanity!)
The world had waited long
for this Savior’s awesome love,
yet, when it saw the depth of it,
it scoffed at Him and laughed
as He hung dying on a tree.
This love: has waited centuries
for people, country, nations,
to accept, this healing Jew.
He was God’s awaited promise.
A strong and gentle leader,
deliverer, potentate was He.
Most people still ostracize
His gift of liberty, from sin
so death would have no longer sting.
His portrayal of selfless Love
(of which most, are still suspicious)
have people wonder, “Can this be true?
Dare we believe?” they ask.
“Was He the promised one?
Was His sacrificial Love for me?
Can He really take away my sin
that I may have eternity?
Will He forgive?”
I know He has no favorites.
He envelopes all with love,
Jew, Greek, Asian, sinners all.
He died that the whole world
from sin, would be relieved,
if only we believe, we would be free,
forgiven, and receive.

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  1. Lynn Severance Says: 9:09 pm

    There are many descriptions of Jesus in Treena’s poem. That He walked in human form gives a wide scope when I envision him. I was taken with the word, “carpenter” this week. That Jesus had this background and trade before beginning his public ministry gives soothing scenes to ponder. He was headed to a tree for me, the means upon which He suffered and died. Yet for most of his years, he shaped and gifted others working with wood, before He completed his work hanging upon a wooden Cross. Oh, to know his thoughts during those early years in his workshop!

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