Feb 13, 2016




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I wandered lonely through the fields
whilst searching for a worth in self.
I saw fresh leaves upon old trees;
wild flowers dressing fields anew
brought butterflies of every hue,
each uniquely individual.
The smallest wing, the tiniest petal
each so delicately settled.
Perfection – Worth a lingering stare.
Nature’s self-worth was everywhere.
I stirred upon the rugged fence
on which I sat and there did muse,
“I too am fashioned by the Hand
that has created nature’s way!”
Suddenly – a restless breeze breathed
a solace prayer into my heart.
“The secret of mankind’s self-worth
is through the searching soul’s rebirth.
Believe and trust in Me, my Child,
My inward care will soon disclose –
all of Creation is divine;
though nature’s breathless beauty blinds,
nothing compares with humankind!”
With heart and soul restored in Him,
escorted by the Comforter –
I returned, fixed in Love and hope,
to wander lonely never more –
for now, I knew His original intent,
was to be His humble instrument
that lays close by His feet to use
for those that need Him introduced.

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