Sister in Seattle

Mar 26, 2016

Sister in Seattle


Sister in Seattle

She sits upon the pavement cold,
wrapped around in rags of faded hues.
Eyes fixed upon the Latte held in hands to warm
the fingers that thrust through the worn out gloves of blue.
The Latte? Given by a stranger on this freezing Sunday eve.
(An angel or a caring soul? Or – maybe it was you?)
‘Could become 10 degrees below tonight’
booms a passing Dodge car’s radio.
She sits beside a bulging plastic bag,
her precious luggage filled with ‘objects d’art’
gathered from her ambles (or her morning jog?)
past the downtown homes that are her Nordstrom stores.
Upon curly steel-gray hair, she wears a cap
(Discarded by a disappointed fan perhaps.)
“Seattle Mariners” it reads “Nineteen Ninety-five”.
Regally upon her head, it sits with jaunty pride.
A Queen, decked in her coronation crown!
From sack of paper, brown and stained with fat,
with little finger crooked, she delicately plucks
from within, a ‘to die for” cinnamon roll,
which she’d found behind the fast food chain
around the corner from her place of rest.
It had beckoned from a bursting garbage can:
these favored gourmet stores for those who live
and sleep and sometimes die upon our streets,
(paved with the gold of Visa, MasterCard,
Discover and American Express!)
Yes – ‘tis Our Lord’s years, two thousand two, three and four….


  1. Lynn Severance Says: 1:27 pm

    I read and then listened to “Sister in Seattle” and found myself in two places in response: one being the literal picture of this woman in her street “home” and then Treena’s sensitivity to capture the moment with such clarity so I could see it.

    That Graham chose to read it on the posting day of Easter weekend (of this year), a day when we who are Christians celebrate the Life Christ died to give us and that we are to live and give to others as best we can discern, quite captured me. As Jennifer has said in her response, I, too, can feel quite helpless in knowing how to respond when I am in a setting with another who lives so differently. I have a choice. A kind word? A smile? At one time I did give a latte but it warmed for its moments but what about the moments beyond? I celebrate those who have a mission to reach out and offer life – as some do – and there are those who survive the streets – but not as many as we’d want.

  2. Jennifer Maydole Says: 6:23 pm

    I don’t know what it is but my heart goes out to young and old women on the streets far more than men. So unnatural to see a female without the surroundings of her over ones, so sad and unimaginable what she has been through to get to that place and what it would take to free her from that life/death on the street? Drugs, alcohol, abuse were what probably put them there, and now mental illness or addiction holds them there, but how do we rescue them and lead them to Jesus?

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