Apr 08, 2016




The stars in the moonlight fascinate me
They seem to be scattered all over the sea,
Twinkling, sparkling, diamonds from welkin,
Buckets of stars, simply, for the taking.
O would I could I gather the stars
To sprinkle on those with hurts and scars,
Making them whole, like some, Robin Hood thief;
I’d distribute the stars to those laden with grief,
And appoint hardened hearts to give hope and relief.
I’d put stars in the eyes of the cold and despised,
Erase hunger’s bruise from refugee’s eyes.
I’d give away stars in exchange for guns
And the drugs on the streets that corrupt, little ones.
What joy it would be to be given these ways
To cleanse ‘wages of sin’ from all yesterdays.
When my bucket was empty I’d fill it with dreams.
(It’s childish illusions with fairy-tale themes)
However, a Star did come, sparkling with Love
He sprinkled His care with compassion and blood.
This Star touched the sick, the lost and the phony.
Caressed all the mad and the spiritually lonely;
Took away sins from the crib of mankind,
Shielded the righteous, gave sight to the blind.
This Star, the Messiah, Jesus His name,
Gave dreams to fulfill and truths to reclaim.


  1. Leona Nelson Says: 9:47 pm

    Loved the “Stars” poem! Indeed, if Treena could have, she would have poured out “buckets of stars” on anyone who needed encouragement or healing. When out for lunch, she would stop to admire someone’s something, or say a kind word to a complete stranger, and always, always she would engage the server with pleasant conversation, showing a sincere interest in that person. It only takes a few minutes to “make someone’s day” by caring enough to say something kind.

  2. Lynn Severance Says: 1:58 pm

    There is much that showers into me as I read and hear these words penned by Treena. They sparkle and remind me of the Star – always present – and One I seek to see as the worldly distractions vie for attention. Graham’s reading of the poem adds dimension bringing more sparkle. Thank you for recording these beloved thoughts from your beloved Treena.

    About a month ago, I had cause to be away from my home and in a rural setting (Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands of the Pacific NW). There was a small deck that opened out from my room at the Inn where I stayed. I remember the awe I felt as stepped onto that deck breathe in some fresh night airI and found myself under a sky studded with stars. It was all I could do to drink them in so foreign is their view in cities. Wonder. It brought wonder-filled moments of thanks to the One who set those stars in place for me to see.

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