Apr 15, 2016




A stranger leaned on the garden gate,
Where a ‘sweetheart’ lady, with silver hair,
tended her flowers with loving care.
Seeing the stranger, she smiled, a sad smile,
“I’m lonely, you know, though, it has been a while
since my Archie died on a Saturday morning.
It happened so quickly, without any warning!
Won’t you come in? I could give you some tea-
but perhaps you’ve no time to visit with me?”
The stranger said quickly, “I’ve no other calls!”
“I do miss his laughter, sounds from his footfalls,
which echoed throughout these long corridors.
The silence is awful, so empty with gloom.
What would you do with these cold empty rooms?”
“I’d find someone who had no place to stay;
a pregnant child, or a scared runaway.
I’d look for a person who was truly deserving;
a soul whose existence you’d feel worth preserving.
Your house would then have life in these rooms,
your corridors, echo with footsteps, not gloom.
Their love would embrace your spirit with song –
no longer lonely, your heart would belong.”
“No, it would not. What a horrid idea!
My home would be, ransacked. Me – full of fear!
Not only that, what would my friends say?
They’d think I’d gone crazy and stay far away!”
The joy – had she given – to God’s needy ones,
the pleasure of Him – if compassion had won.
Both witnessing peoples and angels would stare,
at her Christian love; but, it just wasn’t there!
Had she trusted her friends. Showed them the way.
Had she brought to her home just one runaway.
Perhaps, the stranger may have wanted to share;
He was one of those angels, received unaware!


  1. Jean Says: 9:14 am

    Absolutely! We are fortunate to still be together but empty nesters for 44 years. We have just received a family next door that fulfills our heart’s desires for all of us – we need a sister, daughter, and grandchildren – they need parents, grandparents. What life has been rekindled into our home – it is as one drunk in the spirit. My husband’s grandmother unfortunately is the lady in this poem. Once grandpa suddenly passed she moved across the street to live with their oldest son. I wonder how she felt sitting in her front room looking at the house across the street where they flourished as a family of 6. Thirty years passed before she was able to join him in Heaven. What rejoicing there must be 24/7 for those reunited in love – in the presence of love – God.

  2. January Houck Says: 3:22 pm

    Just beautiful dear,Treena. May your poems glisten in heaven and shine down on your loving family.
    Wish I could have known you and Graham.

    Love, January

  3. Lynn Severance Says: 10:50 pm

    Simply lovely – would that compassion could reign.

    “Their love would embrace your spirit with song –
    no longer lonely, your heart would belong.”

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