Substance in Shadow

Jun 10, 2016

Substance in Shadow


Substance in Shadow

Shadows are different, they seldom are warm,
Some are quite chilly, unpleasant, forlorn.
Especially when shadows come from the fame,
Of one who is know, to the public by name.
Fixed quietly in shadow, obscure and unknown,
As a solitary substance, I stand there, alone.
My festering feelings, ranted and raved.
Ugly thoughts surged toward those who rejected.
At the rudeness, ill manners, and lack of urbanity.
Anger and pain, caused my substance to seethe.
(Rejection eclipses all love with such ease.)
My love in the limelight, always, knew
Of my anger and pain from within his shadow.
I majored on insults and slights ‘till the day
When I saw a figure, just a whisper away.
He was vaguely familiar to me…in a way
Could it be? Was it? The Lord in the shade?
After all the sacrifices that He had made.
No one, but He, ever had such rejection,
Yet, He forgave and loved all with compassion.
Even today, He’s continually spurned
I must confess shame, for now that I see
He is the Substance in Shadow…not me.


  1. Jean Says: 12:49 pm

    There is a verse in the Bible that says, “may I decrease that you (Lord) may increase”. This is an awesome portrayal of our sin subdued by the reality of Christ’s love and sacrifice – as exchange for our name on the cross.

  2. Carol Ritchie Says: 9:50 pm

    This is a gem! Real, raw, truth. A heart felt poem. Graham, you recited this beautifully, and I could sense the emotion in your voice which made this poem even more meaningful and revealing of the truth and the light!

  3. Jennifer (Van Hoy) Maydole Says: 7:18 am

    I remember when I visited and Treena signed her book for my son Brooks. I took it home and read it immediately. Only those who have experienced pain, loss, rejection, addiction, sacrifice can truly understand what Christ experienced on the cross and experiences daily from his creation, mankind. Only Christ can help us forgive, forget and love again, unconditionally. Treena understood my struggles, my son’s struggles, just by looking into my eyes and hearing our story. She had great compassion and sympathy and hope. Thank you Treena, I will never forget you and our tea/coffee together with Graham.

  4. Lynn Severance Says: 12:55 pm

    Treena’s ability to share her feelings in writing always gives me much to ponder. That she and Graham could be open about the angst she felt – while she undergirded what was needed to allow him to shine – truly made her a deep substance in their combined efforts.

    That their life in Christ, in time, became a mutual center, allowed both the depth that only His Substance can bring.

  5. Greg Goodwin Says: 4:06 pm

    Absolutely wonderful woman. Treena exemplified what I keep trying to acheive every day. Christ in all. The sunlight and the shadows.

  6. Caren Fisher Says: 11:47 am

    Thank you for sharing such a deeply profound poem, warmly appreciated.

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