Summer Daze

Mar 12, 2016

Summer Daze



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Summer Daze

Winter’s season; a faded utterance.
Spring, maturing, leaves behind her viewpoint.
Summer, breezing in with arrogance –
Warming earth and wisdom’s aging joints.
Lazy summer days soon lose their thrill,

No rains to quench, the thirsting rill.
Birds pretend and flutter in scorching earth.
Hydrants burst, inducing child-like mirth.

Sultry dawn, her breakfast, summer’s dew,
Green fields turn dun, skies are washed-out blue.
Ceaseless sun gives nature no reprieve
To ease relentless, blaze upon her sleeve.

Breathless prayers entreat for cool respite,
Sweating inner city streets, ignite.
Flies, beleaguer babes, their crying grieves,
Smog-filled skies, inhaled, bring miseries.

Autumn, come, condone no more delay.
Bring your cooling beauty here today!

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