The Artist

Nov 25, 2016

The Artist


The Artist

a rare and gentile painter,

with his palette, and his brushes;

tints, with early morning tones,

brushing mystery with mist.

His skill, touches all creation,

pledges hope, with rainbow oath.

He finishes with zealous stroke,

painting tranquility, with truth.

varnishing with aurora’s glow,

glazing skillfully the fragile light.

the image, on his canvas,

mixed with mystic form?

the beauty of the birthing

of His glorious new dawn.

This poem is from Treena’s book, Substance in Shadow.


  1. Beth Rainbow Says: 6:22 pm

    I marvel at the majesty of those who translate their inner images into poetry, (paint / music / photos / gardens / sculpture / websites / etc.) reflections to share, inspiring onlookers to reach into their own inner imagery and see that beauty of reality, too. Imagination is the most divine gift imaginable, and graciously bestowed upon all alike. Thank you for this website, this is my first hint of it’s amazing contents.

  2. AnnA Says: 7:09 pm

    I paint at early dawn
    I prefer sunrise
    It is about New Day
    This has always been my time
    I studied best and at no cost …it was also quiet until …melody of robin at the window .
    Thank you Graham Kerr For the reading of Treena s painted words ARTisT!

  3. Jean Says: 6:27 am

    I second Lynn’s comment. It’s early Sunday morning now and I am looking at the sky as I am listening. She was so acutely aware of bringing the outside in.

  4. Lynn Severance Says: 8:54 pm

    “. . .painting tranquility, with truth.”
    I continue to admire the artistry of Treena admiring the artistry of our Creator. . and bringing it to life with her words.

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