The Meaning of Life

Oct 17, 2015

The Meaning of Life


The Meaning of Life

What is life?
I turned to look and found that life was – what?
A path on which I wandered, back and forth?
Where was life?
When would I begin to see the reason why?
Were my “doings” right or wrong? Or –
Were they right for me, but wrong for others?
Were others the reason for this life, or me?
Life seemed to leave me drifting
In a bubble without light.
No blues or greens, shades of red
Just opaque nothing – fish-eye dead.
I called, “Life – where are you?
What are you? Who are you?
Can you make my life worthwhile –
So I may make a life of worth of others”


(much later…)
Life – I knew not, where, what,
Or who you were.
I searched and searched and searched –
Until one day, a stranger said to me,
“ ‘The Man of Life, once said,
‘I am the Way,
The Truth
The Life.’ ”

I knew at last, at last I knew
That Jesus was the Life –
He laid down His life –
That I might lay down mine – for you!

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  1. Ginnie Kindler Says: November 30, 2015 7:52 am

    Dear Graham, I pray with each passing day that your days of feeling lost and lonely have become those that are filled with reflections that make you smile and fill your heart with your love for Treena. It will be a year since I lost my love Keith and I could have never made it through without my love for God. My prayers go out to you for your loss and your healing with each passing day. May God hold you close and please know that hearing about your love for Treena makes me smile and I’m sure many others also. Thank you for enriching my life while sharing yours during this very sorrowful time for you.

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