the perfect friend

May 27, 2016

the perfect friend


the perfect friend

they hear with eyes intent on what i say.
eyes stay fixed and do not flitter,
side to side, or wander far away.
the tilt of head, encouraging,
and with their gentle smile,
i feel special, confident to speak
i discern that something, is unique;
inhibited i falter, words then swiftly fade;
for this rapt listener is rare.
no interruption do they make.
they are not compelled to have
their say.
when we part, a warmth surrounds —
self-worth is strong, i strive no more;
at least no more today. 


Dedicated to Darlene Cunningham, a true friend to so many and to me.


  1. Jean Says: 1:03 pm

    Well said !!

  2. Lynn Severance Says: 12:53 pm

    To have a friend, such as Treena describes, is a gift more precious than gold.

    To be a friend, such as Treena describes comes as a golden touch from God’s Sprit within and a choice to love another unconditionally.

  3. Leona Nelson Says: 8:45 pm

    And, oh, how I miss those kind of conversations with Treena.

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