The Promise

Jun 03, 2016

The Promise

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The Promise

Through winter’s coat, sun-rays bugle
As nature murmurs to her bowers
Warming her earth and snowy mantle
While waking snowdrops, winter’s flower.
Each crystal morning offers peace,
Bringing hope to spring’s elation
To those who see God’s masterpiece
And extol with veneration.Cold birds puffed up, in winter’s pride,
Feathered breasts daubed blushing-red.
Snowflakes cascade in spring’s new bride,
Luxuriant white her featherbed.
Squirrels sprint and prink and probe,
Hidden berries, prized cache.
Cloaked holly trees in bright wardrobe
Help dress the earth in her display.

Jeweled streams astound in velvet night,
While moonbeams sequin naked trees.
Formed icicles, chilled stalactite,
Softly chime their allegory
Of hope for man’s eternal climb
This winter’s tale corroborates
With those that wait and take the time
To praise, revere and contemplate.


  1. Lynn Severance Says: 10:18 pm

    Treena’s gift of expression in words conveys both meaning and feeling of being “in the scene”.
    I can see the sparkle of sunbeams enhancing a dew drop or moonbeams catching snowflake’s birth falling from above. What treasures!