True Gain

Jun 18, 2016

True Gain


True Gain

It would profit nothing
Should one’s body burn
in martyrdom
and one not love.
Clearly these words state
That loveless sacrifice is death
do not the words request compassion
without compromise?
The word with us in partnership
while suffering a cup to sip
does say
to pray, to go, to give
yet oneself will gain pure joy
as true love meets the untold pain
of hurting peoples
to care, to love
to weep with those who weep
brings joy untold
with peace that passes every understanding given man.


  1. Jean N. Sozio Says: 1:59 am

    Beautiful rendition of Jesus on the cross and the message of His life.

  2. Lynn Severance Says: 7:26 pm

    To care to love means I first pray to the One who knows where He wants me to go to give.
    I listen to know when to go. . .and to whom.

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