Unconditional Forgiveness

Jun 24, 2016

Unconditional Forgiveness


Unconditional Forgiveness

Forgiveness is no more a choice in this age of famine,
Bloody wars, divorce, denial and racial bigotry.
If you can win the wrestle, that hard wrestle to forgive,
Peace will tenure in its place, swallowing the negative!

We must forgive the misery – the memory of abuse,
The trauma suffered as a child – those hurts we hold so close.
Forgive injustice and the pain of being second-best,
The wounding of that hurtful word a parent said in jest.

“Forgive? You know not what you say! Forgive? It’s not deserved.
Forgive! No way! More like their head upon a platter served.”
No one can know the pain or the injustice done, it’s true.
But to be free you must forgive, so Christ will forgive you too.

Stored sin becomes a cancer, inflaming sores that seep,
Self-pities steeped in matted sins that fester as they sleep.
Sins of bitterness encrust one’s inner soul with weeping.
Self-pity loves itself so much, it cannot be forgiving!

One’s collected sins accept, though another was the cause.
The Forgiver will forgive if you repent and love His laws.
Look closely in a mirror. View your reflected self.
Look face-to-face and eye-to-eye. Now…forgive yourself.

Once done you’ll find it easier, those persons to absolve,
They who abused, defiled, tormented, mind and soul.
When you have won the battle you’ll feel clean and purified,
Dear friend, by “the forgiving wrestle” you’ll be sanctified.

With peace of mind new joy of life, depression soon will wane!
You’ll not forget but the forgiving will annihilate the pain.
From your deep-seated un-forgiveness, He’s forgiven you –
And freedom is His Gift, when you forgive as He has you.


  1. Betty Herrell Says: 3:17 pm

    Thank you for sharing a profound expression of forgiveness! Redemption is a breath away.

  2. Lynn Severance Says: 6:25 pm

    This is, for me, the most beautiful and succinct definition of “forgiveness” that I have ever read. Treena expresses forgiveness as I am to give it, forgiveness as I am to receive it, and God’s umbrella of unconditional love as a covering. Thank you, Graham for conveying the message.

  3. Jean N. Sozio Says: 10:01 am

    Wow – this hits home for me today. There is one in my life – not that I cannot forgive but – in so doing – the forgiven continues in bad behavior. It’s not the forgiveness I wrestle with (although so well articulated), it’s the endurance of continued persecution. So tired – so weary of it all and its unnecessary pain.

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