Mar 19, 2016




All nature’s new beginnings.
Wake to stirrings of adoring.
All expecting, waiting, aching.
Stretching up, anticipating,
Beautifying, glorifying,
Giving thanks while testifying.
This new-birth, so purifying,
Sings a song while prophesying.
Hope and life are now reviving
God and earth are harmonizing.


  1. peter withall Says: 10:03 am

    mentor retired hotel manager chef Christian, believe William Branham was the prophet for this age. our church has a nice camp near Mount Baker great for conferences, youth camps, skiing. we help out there. I have been a trainer for hotels and cooking. using this blog for mentor locked me in God Bless Peter Withall

  2. Lynn Severance Says: 2:01 pm

    Treena’s words dance with activity reminding me there is a focus during waiting times. They are not dormant at all – simply another way to trust and give thanksgiving in anticipation of what God is doing before He opens the door and says, “Now is My appointed time. Come on. Let’s continue our journey!”

  3. Suzie Says: 7:52 am

    I Met you at Kindlings a few years ago.
    You were lovely and gracious. Inspiring. I am touched by the beauty of this poem.
    Thank you
    Suzie Peterson

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