Sep 02, 2016




how many leaves upon a tree
or petals in a bride’s bouquet?
how many stars hang in the sky,
or grains of sand on oceans lay?
who can count them? who would try
to capture twinkles from an eye,
or a baby’s smile retain?
could you do it? nor could I.

but I know of One on high who
collects each tear that’s shed –
One who knows when sparrows die,
and every hair upon your head –
One who cares to give and love,
who weeps when you are hurting –
One who longs to take your pain
and give life everlasting.


  1. Jean Says: 11:19 pm

    Amen – I love this depiction of scripture and who God is – who Jesus is

  2. Lynn Severance Says: 4:52 pm

    How grateful I am to know the One who cares to give and love; who in the challenges that life brings never forsakes and helps me take the next steps – with Him.

  3. Caren Says: 9:34 pm

    Amen! Both my husband and I are hard of hearing and it makes for difficult at times to send or receive information in a positive way…..we’re still working to communicate on a happier note!

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