Wrinkle in Time

Nov 27, 2015

Wrinkle in Time



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Wrinkle in Time

At thirty years, one appears.
Discretely and silently
But not quiet – invisibly.


At forty, moisturizers, creams,
Lotions, facial aids embrace
This age announcing face.

At fifty, thoughts of face lifts,
Exercise and facials,
Sunscreens, sun hats and bifocals.

At sixty, THE wrinkle,
Has now multiplied it seems,
Taking wrinkles to extremes.

Crinkled lips, once were soft,
Inviting, plump and moist.
We can not in all truth rejoice.

Furrowed alabaster brows,
Crows feet frame sparkling eyes.
The dimples? They are no surprise.

Beloveds, each and every crinkle,
Give character, in every wrinkle
But…those brown spots?

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