Twitch TV


I wanted to let you know that politics just got some ‘LIGHT RELIEF’. On Election Day the relatively new (to me) website ‘TWITCH’ ( is going to run an endless stream of my “not so old” PBS TV programs called ‘Graham Kerr’s Kitchen’.

They are a part of the programs made since the Galloping Gourmet…hence the word LIGHT relief! This ‘marathon’ of  almost 40 hours will wind up in my home with a live ‘encounter’
with the audience during which I shall attempt to reinvent Mac & Cheese.
That date and time is 12 noon (PST) on 9 November  LIVE for
at least two hours of viewer interaction…should be fun?
Imagine…Purple Porridge amid a Plethora of Presidential Political Pundits.  Couldn’t resist that!

Are you as thrilled as I am? You can check it out now. Just click here: Twitch TV

If you want to check out Graham Kerr’s Kitchen book, click here:


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